Condensed Natural Smoke

A Superior Choice to Achieve Smoke Flavour and Colour

Red Arrow's natural smoke condensates offer incredible versatility to operators. We offer a wide variety of smoke flavour profiles that can be used in a multitude of application systems. Our natural smoke condensates can be utilized through atomization, drenching, direct injection, vacuum marinating, smoked nets, coated casings, spray systems and dry topical coatings.

Benefits of a Natural Process

Red Arrow's condensed natural smoke products are produced through a tightly controlled natural process. This natural process creates many benefits for operators, including:

Combining the Best of Both Smoke Methods

An ideal method for processors to investigate is what Red Arrow defines as combination smoking process, where the benefits of both traditional smoking and natural smoke condensates are utilized.

Creating Distinction through Customized Profiles

Our natural smoke condensates provide a large range in both colour and flavour characteristics. We have developed smoke flavours that capture the essence of the most popular wood species used in food production including: hickory, oak, maple, cherry, apple, and mesquite.

Red Arrow Condensed Natural Smokes™




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