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The genesis of Canadian Ingredients in 1995 arrived at a time when a very real impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement was taking its hold on the Canadian economy and food processors were faced with new challenges. For many processors, exporting products internationally became their priority and with it, unprecedented price competitiveness: An oppressive 18% disparity between Canadian and US currencies coupled with record high fuel charges, would impact the purchasing and freight costs of raw materials and the costs associated with shipping finished products to outside markets. Much of the supply sector reacted by increasing the number of product line offerings, theoretically reducing costs through efficiencies of scale. This would involve savings through consolidated incoming shipments, warehousing and overhead, outbound freight costs etc., where there was a potential (not always) to pass these savings on at some point, to the customer / processor.

Processors too, were reducing their technical departments, out-sourcing technical and product development activities in an effort to reduce costs. But with the suppliers' focus on a varied and ever- growing product line there seemed to be a gap here: A need for technical assistance, while assuring competitive raw material pricing to the Canadian food processor. A specialized brokerage service offering an exceptional and limited line of products while eliminating the costs of a "middle man" or third- party warehousing would provide technical focus and economic value at the same time.

Specialization for the past eighteen years has enabled our group to develop expert knowledge and skills relating to applications, market analysis, logistics, and regulatory compliance. Our ability to customize our products to fit a customer's specific application, quick project initiation to approval, and our unique assistance with in-plant scale-up, has fostered a confidence with our customers; Indeed, it is our interdisciplinary team of food professionals which pride me most in this. We are all pro-active and clear in our goal: to provide on-going value, cost effective and quick solutions to our customers.


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